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about sister outlaws

Please visit us at where we have many more wares available - brooch kits, bag-tag kits, handheld game console cover kits, coin purse kits, xmas decoration kits

between us we have over one hundred combined years (never-you-mind the details)

we love to fossick for second hand, vintage and post-industrial materials.

we hate the idea of waste

we love to make things

we're based in melbourne's inner north

outlaw leanne: a statuesque beauty often mistaken for geena davis (true story!); a pharmacist; mother to two cowpokes; an apparently bottomless pool of still energy; a fine baker; and the early-rising, rock-steady outlaw of our little business, the course-staying bass-player in our sometimes frenetic band.

outlaw julianne: the baby of our trio, and the most prolific producer of babies of her own – five at last count; former film show presenter; chief, prolific and unstoppable designer of our wares; a sparkling and petite beauty with a punky sensibility, she also writes.

outlaw lynne: the most curvaceous and neurotic outlaw; mother of four; a woman of many crafting ideas and frustratingly slow output; she's our untrained-but-keen one-woman i.t. department and web-mistress (miss-stress?); a writer who dreams of frisbeeing the dirty dishes over the back fence rather than washing them.